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About Us

I'm Bob De Young and have owned purpose bred (purebreed) and mixed breed dogs throughout my life. I was interested in the sport of conformation and other AKC events for many years and decided to become active in conformation in 2005. I chose the Australian Terrier as the ideal breed for me...

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Aussie Care

Compared to many terriers, the Aussie is relatively easy to maintain as a family pet. Many pet shop groomers are unfamiliar with the breed and tend to "over groom" the Aussie, using grooming for a Westie, Minature Schnauzer or Cairn as a guide...

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Dog Welfare

I'm active in animal welfare legislative issues, serving as the Vice President and legislative liaison for the Rio Grande Kennel Club and as a member for the Bernalillo County Animal Care Ordinance Review Committee. I'm also actively engaged in animal welfare activities with New Mexico legislators...

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