About Us

I'm Bob De Young and have owned purpose bred (purebreed) and mixed breed dogs throughout my life. I was interested in the sport of conformation and other AKC events for many years and decided to become active in conformation in 2005. I chose the Australian Terrier as the ideal breed for me and brought my first Aussie home in April 2005.

Through constant study and practice and help from many friends and mentors, my dogs have achieved much. Friends and mentors are too numerous to list, but notably include Susan Bentley (Benayr Australian Terriers), Betty Bossio, Charlie and Sherry Dahly and Adelene Pardo. While currently on hiatus from conformation and breeding activities, my Aussies have achieved the following:

After starting up in Texas, I'm currently located in Albuquerque, New Mexico and live with my girlfriend and our dogs amongst our garden oasis in the high desert.

Regarding TexAun Aussies and TexAustralian Kennels, at one point I was as confused as you may be now. When I started out, I decided to do business as TexAustralian Kennels. When I realized that TexAustralian would reduce my options for AKC registrations due to name length limits, TexAun was born (for example, I could never have had "TexAun Mr Bojangles Is Really A Girl"). Hence, I do business as TexAustralian Kennels, but my breedings include "TexAun" in the registered name.